Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Featured Item: Vintage School Chairs Painted by Each Class

There are several pricey items in the auction, but these are simply priceless.

Each EGS classroom has transformed a vintage school chair, rescued from the Fuller School, into a unique and wonderful work of art. Every child in the school has participated in this project, and the resulting 12 chairs are stunning.

The chair on the left was created by Ms. Kenny's 3rd grade; it features self-portraits of each child, decorated as a king or queen.

In the middle is Ms. Jacobson's Kindergarten chair. Her class conducted a Grace Lin author study, and the children decorated their chair in the style of several of her books, including her trademark "Grace Lin Swirls".

On the right is Mrs. Sanfillippo's 1st grade chair, entitled "When I Grow Up..." The children have portrayed themselves in future careers, including an artist (!), an inventor, a vet, a copy, and several cooks.

Don't miss your chance to bid on your child's chair; I guarantee you that these are one-of-a-kind!

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