Sunday, March 7, 2010

Featured item: Private Movie Party at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Rob Newton is the founder, managing director, projectionist, and popcorn-popper of the Cape Ann Community Cinema, located on Main Street above the St. Peter's Club and Mystery Train.
Rob is emphasizing the "Community" in "Community Cinema" by offering for auction a private movie party for up to 50 guests at the cinema, on a date to be agreed upon after the auction.
The cinema is a wonderful place to see a movie. It features both the best in technology (digital projection, multi-channel surround sound) and comfort (super-comfortable sofas). Read more about it (and see a photo of the theater) in this Boston Globe article.
Rob normally shows the best independent and foreign-language features. But for your private party, you get to pick the movie. The Cinema's variety of movie snacks will be availble for purchase by the winner and guests.
The estimated value for this item is $300.

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